Some of the topics I've presented include:

 Blogging Best Practices

When you're a blogger, nobody has your back--not an editor, not a fact-checker. So how do you make sure that what you're publishing is accurate, useful, original and well written? This talk offers concrete advise for crafting journalistic blogs on any topic.

How to Come Up with Awesome Story Ideas 

This talk offers six strategies for finding fresh story ideas for specific publications. From fine-tuning focus to localizing national stories to interrogating datasets, it provides examples of how to come up with ideas for stories that haven't been written before.


The Slippery Slope: The ethical quandary of advertising-supported journalism

This interactive talk challenges students to reconcile the "act independently" section of the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics with the current reliance on sponsored content, native ads and other brand content. 

Descriptive Writing: why, how and when 

Developed for the Columbia Chronicle, my college's award-winning weekly newspaper, this talk explores why and how to write descriptive, and when it is and isn't useful and appropriate.